IAPMO India and IPA roll out skills program

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Kerala, India — IAPMO India and the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) have partnered with the government of Kerala to provide plumbing training for students enrolled in the state’s Additional Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP), a unique strategy designed to equip students with beneficial skill sets alongside
their regular academic studies in schools and colleges.

The Indian government’s National Skill Development Mission projects an increased demand for skilled manpower to sustain the nation’s industrial and thereby economic growth, and that training that will promote skill formation within the general populace is not only essential, but will enhance their capacity to undertake
gainful self employment and access to higher-paying employment within industries identified as skill sectors.

ASAP, a joint initiative of the government of Kerala’s departments of Higher Education and General Education, aims to fulfill growing skilled manpower requirements and bridge the gap between supply and demand. Within this framework, ASAP will seek to provide quality industry-oriented skill training to more than 300,000
deserving students via a network of selected schools and colleges across Kerala over a period of five years.

The Plumbing Apprentice Program to be administered by IAPMO India and the IPA is designed such that students enrolled in ASAP can take the program as an add-on and become equipped to take various jobs in the Indian plumbing industry.

IAPMO India, in consultation with the government of Kerala, will administer the plumbing program through approved training programs including: Govt. College Kattapana, GHSS Perumbavoor; Govt. College Kasargod; IASC Thrissur; Gove. College Mananthavady; Govt. Model HS Calicut, and numerous others.
Administration includes lectures and practical training, conducting of examinations, evaluations, assessments, and the issue of marks/grades and award certificates. The government of Kerala will issue certificates that are jointly signed by government officials and IAPMO India to students who successfully complete the program.

For more information, www.iapmo.org.

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