How to Sell Our Trade and Attract Young Tradespeople

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The average age of a Master Plumber in the state of Texas is 58 years old. Where is the next generation of tradespeople? Most of them are lured to the dream of a four year college plan that leaves them with a heap of debt. Tradespeople (plumbers, in particular) work against some misconceptions about our field. Here are five ways to sell our trade to young people and attract them back to our industry!

  1. Money – Let’s be real, it makes the world go round. Within four years you have the potential to make over 75,000 a year. All this while getting paid to work in your field. Apprentices have the unique opportunity to learn on the job from skilled tradespeople AND get paid for their work. Due to the lack of skilled workers, quality employees are given impressive pay packages with potential for commissions, bonuses and benefits.
  2. Freedom – Be your own boss. Live anywhere in the world. The trades allow you endless freedom in your choices. Within seven years of working in the trade, you could run your own business as a Responsible Master Plumber (or trades person).
  3. Job Security – Humans will always require fresh drinking water. Most trades are economy safe because people will require trade services and will sacrifice luxuries to make needed home repairs.
  4. Versatile – You don’t just have to be a skilled worker in the trades. Our industry requires many career types. Office workers, dispatchers and managers can make a great deal of money in this field as well.
  5. Constantly evolving – Technology is constantly evolving and improving. The trades MUST stay up to date on codes and technological trends. This keeps the job very interesting!

If we are to attract young people back to the trades, we need to sell them on the positive attributes of working in the trades. For too long working with your hands has been considered “menial” or “lowly” work. Quite the opposite, it is crucial to the survival and growth of our civilizations.

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