How To Modernize Your Building Trades Business

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Many building trade service businesses are age-old professions, and it’s quite easy to see why such businesses often fail to modernize them. For example, according to its history, plumbing originated from ancient civilizations and thanks to technology, new plumbing methods emerged. And this industry has a net value of $110 billion. There is every reason to modernize your business to gain its benefits, and here are some ways to do that.

Set up a ‘Google My Business’ account

It is easy to set up a Google My Business account. All it takes is the commitment to start and finish the process. Even better, you can set up this account without making any payments to the host, Google. The required details are the business’s name, address, contact information and other relevant information. When that is set up, the real work begins. Your Google My Business account is not complete without reviews. However, that is not for you to provide. It would be a total lack of credibility to provide reviews for your plumbing business.

Therefore, your past and existing clients are better sources of honest reviews. The exciting part about Google My Business (GMB) is that it allows your business to be seen on search engines. Even though that wanders into SEO territory, it boosts your digital presence. It also becomes easier for potential clients to locate you quicker and easier. The 21st-century business dwells heavily on a strong digital presence to generate leads.

Make maximum use of digital invoicing and receipts

Gone are the days when plumbing businesses would rip a sheet out of a receipt booklet to acknowledge payments. The same applies to invoices and other manual billing systems. If this is your business in the 21st century, it may be time to make a drastic change. Digital invoicing and receipts help your business enhance financial record keeping. With less paperwork, it becomes easier to retrieve past financial information without looking through volumes of paper. This is particularly important when it’s time for account reconciliation.

Businesses that have adopted digital invoicing attest to the reduced cost of regular printing. It also reduces the cost of manual processing and delivery of invoices to clients or suppliers. Digitization is the vehicle for 21st-century business. Therefore, your payment systems should reflect your plumbing business’s desire to modernize operations.

Invest in video marketing

Three decades ago, the traditional media held a monopoly over video marketing, and businesses had to pay huge sums to get their video content played on media platforms. Today, that monopoly is no longer existent, thanks to social media. Once you set up social media accounts for your plumbing business, you can upload your video marketing content. The other exciting part is that it’s free to do so. Apart from the fact that video marketing is free, it also allows you to reach your target market directly. There is no middleman (traditional media) here. Today, video marketing has become a staple for modern businesses. Moreover, consumers are more interested in such content, which often produces positive results.

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