Product Review: Hornet™ 24 volt UV System by UV Resources

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Awareness of indoor air quality has increased substantially in recent years, and the systems that supply air to our living and working spaces are critical to the maintenance of a healthy indoor environment.  I recently had the opportunity to install a Hornet 24v UV light by UV Resources on my home’s furnace.

As with any product I test I look at a list of things that are important to contractors such as the following:

  • Does the product provide a solution to problems contractors face daily?
  • How long has the product been available? Does it have a history of use or installation?
  • Cost and availability.
  • For non-tools: Is it easy to install?
  • Does it work?

Right from the start I can tell you that I went into this product test with little knowledge of UV light systems. I have read and followed different sources on the subject on and off for a few years but I have not installed one prior to this test.

It is generally agreed that source removal of contaminants remains the single best method for cleaning and decontaminating HVAC systems. One of the tools used to improve air quality from HVAC systems is the use of ultraviolet lighting within the system, intended to decrease the level of airborne pathogens and allergens going through the HVAC system and into the indoor air environment.  The Hornet™ system claims to provide reductions in air conditioner allergens, mold and odor while improving a/c efficiency.

The installation

The Hornet™ comes securely packaged in a retail-style box with full-color printing and product descriptions.

Hornet UV System packaging

Retail-style packaging, top view.
The Hornet efficiently destroys surface and airborne microbes that grow in, and circulate throughout, A/C systems and which impede coil efficiency, clog drain pans, and become major contributors to allergies, airborne transmitted disease, odor, or poor indoor air quality.

Included in the box are all parts needed for a complete install. The lamp, mounting plate, power converter cord for 120v supply and a useful template for drilling the holes needed to carryout the installation.

The Hornet™ installs from the exterior of the furnace plenum so it does not require you to perform any duct surgery; making the install very quick and clean.

One 2-3/4” hole saw is used for cutting mounting bracket hole. The second hole drilled is 5/8” to mount the clear plastic “view port”.

The total time of installation [when using the plug-in 120v cord] was about 15-20 minutes once the proper/safe location for the lamp was located (location and measurement of the A/C coil is necessary prior to drilling).

Add another 15-20 minutes for wiring the unit into the zone panel or furnace control board for automatic operation when the air handler is running. The use of the 120v cord adapter will leave the lamp running constantly, even when the furnace is not in use. Installed labor and materials should place the final costs in the $300-500 range for purchasers, of course this is dependent on labor rates and install conditions.

Overall, UV light systems like the Hornet™ can offer another avenue for complete service offerings to the HVAC contractor. This particular product installs easily with a minimum of tools, none that are specialized, and would be a great add-on for any service/install contractor.

Pictures of the install are below (taken with a phone, I apologize for the low resolution)

Plenumdrill & bit  Hornet mounting bracket Mounting bracket installedLamp and mounting bracket Nornet installed in mounting bracketFinal installation



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