Hilti HDI+/HDI-L and HDV Drop in Anchors

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Flush anchors, Setting tool

The new Hilti HDI+/HDI-L+ Drop-In Anchors are taking productivity to the next level.   These FM and UL approved drop-in anchors (3/8” and 1/2”) provide outstanding performance for applications such as anchoring sprinkler, HVAC, plumbing, electrical elements and suspended interior finishing elements.

HDI+/HDI-L+ Drop-In Anchors

The HDI+/HDI-L+ Drop-In anchors have been redesigned with a new stepped plug, which requires less impact energy to fully set the anchor.  This reduction allows the HDI+/HDI-L+ to be  installed with Hilti Cordless rotary hammers and an automatic setting tool with integrated stop bit. This eliminates the need for hand setting tools and overhead hammering, giving the HDI+/HDI-L+  best-in-class productivity with reliable setting behavior.  When using the HDI+ or HDI-L+ Drop-In Anchors fewer tools and less steps are needed for installation which means saving up to 50% of the time it takes using traditional methods.

HDV Drop-In Anchors

When volume is a factor, the HDV Drop-In Anchor delivers outstanding performance with conventional installation.  The HDV is designed to be used with the standard Hilti Hand Setting Tool and hammer and delivers Hilti quality at a value price.

Hilti Anchor Selector App

Download the Hilti Anchor Selector App (In the US; www.us.hilti.com/apps, in Canada; www.hilti.ca/apps) to easily select the correct Hilti anchor typically used for your application.

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