Hilti Green line laser PM 2-LG

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hiltiThe new Hilti Self-leveling line laser PM 2-LG features green beam technology, which offers up to four times higher visibility compared to a standard red beam for great working range.

The PM 2-LG features two green laser lines to perform a multitude of applications with maximum visibility.  Applications such as leveling junction boxes, cable trays, radiators, pipe installations, suspended ceilings, and aligning doors and windows can be completed quickly and accurately. Transferring reference heights are also easily performed with this new line laser.

An ergonomic and compact design for easy handling and a rubberized housing and pendulum lock for increased durability.

Backing the Hilti Line Laser PM 2-LG is Hilti’s Calibration Service to help ensure reliability and accuracy. Even with Hilti’s built-in protection features, precision instruments can be affected by everyday use and more. Through the Calibration Service, the lasers will be calibrated and adjusted as needed, with the calibration confirmed in writing. The PM 2-LG is also covered by Hilti’s Lifetime Service, a unique service agreement that includes one free calibration per year during the first 2 years*.

For more information about the Hilti PM 2-LG, please contact Hilti Customer Service. From the U.S., visit www.us.hilti.com/pm2-lg; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at 1-800-363-4458 or visit www.hilti.ca/pm2-lg.

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