hilmor quick-adjusting tongue and groove pliers

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Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.46.06 AMWhen on a job, technicians need their tools to adapt quickly to the situation at hand. Wires constantly require cutting, stripping and crimping. Nuts and bolts come in various shapes and sizes, and some materials are harder to grip than others, calling for a more precise jaw bite. Furthermore, using tools for an extended period of time can cause hand fatigue, reducing efficiency and productivity.

Quick-Adjusting Tongue & Groove Pliers

hilmor’s family of Pliers, Wrenches & Wire Strippers give technicians tools they can depend on and use in almost any situation,
on any job, no matter the difficulty. This year, hilmor welcomes the next wave of these critical tools to their portfolio, including the Quick-Adjusting Tongue & Groove Pliers.

A push button and twice as many grooves as traditional Tongue and Groove Pliers allow for quick and precise positioning.
A V-Shaped Jaw makes it easier to grab a hold of hex, square or round fasteners. While over-molded handles add comfort
and reduce hand fatigue.


hilmor’s new Pliers, Wrenches & Wire Strippers include:
+ Long Nose Pliers (6” and 8”)
+ Lineman’s Pliers (8-1/2” and 9-1/2”)
+ Diagonal Cutting Pliers (6”, 7”, and 8”)
+ Slip Joint Pliers (6” and 8”)
+ Tongue & Groove Pliers (8”, 10” and 12”)
+ Quick-Adjusting Tongue and Groove Pliers (8”, 10” and 12”)
+ Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers
+ Wire Strippers (6”, 7” and 8”)
+ Adjustable Wrenches (6”, 8”, 10” and 12”)
+ 10” Crimping Tool

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