hilmor electronic gauge with vacuum sensor

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The hilmor Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor is the industry’s first hybrid gauge features both analog and digital readouts so technicians have the response of a needle and clarity of an
LCD display. The outer displays show system pressure using the needle and LSAT/VSAT temperatures in the digital display. The inner LCD displays pressures, temperatures and calculates superheat and subcooling. Backlit gauges on the Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor are easily visible in all types of light and the outer gauge color automatically changes to match the selected refrigerant. Other built-in features include P/T data for 39 refrigerants, a micron-gauge and self-calibration every time the gauges are turned on. Accuracy is within 1%. The tool is protected from wear and tear with high-impact boots. The Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor can be purchased with or without hoses.


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