Help students choose career — hire an intern

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Source: MCAA

College students often don’t make firm career decisions until their third or fourth year of school. You can influence their choices by hiring them as interns during their early college years. Giving a bright, energetic, eager-to-learn college student the opportunity to discover our industry through a positive, rewarding experience with your company will prove to be a win-win for you, your company, the student and our industry.

If you’re looking for a well-qualified student to hire as an intern, go to The 200+ candidates listed are among the best to be coming through the top U.S. schools of construction management, engineering and architecture. Their interests, contact information and resumes are posted along with their photos.

Stop by for a visit. And, when you find and hire the right candidate, then apply for a Student Internship Grant at The $1,500 grants are funded by the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation at and are available to MCAA members to help cover the cost of hiring an intern. There’s no deadline for submitting the grant request and you may apply for as many grants as you have interns. Questions?  Please contact Ann Mattheis at

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