Contractors not prepared for efficiency regs

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St. Louis — With new energy efficiency regulations now in effect, contractors in regions where SEER minimums are increasing will need to help their customers and suppliers to understand the new efficiency requirements. However, a survey from Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a business of Emerson, has found that 48% of contractors are still unaware of the regulations or unsure of how they affect their business.

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“The lack of awareness, while concerning, is actually an improvement from late in 2013 when nearly 75% of contractors were in the dark about these regulations,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president, Air Conditioning Marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies. “Contractors still have time to review what these regional standards mean for their business and how they can help their customers enhance the comfort of their homes. Emerson is well-prepared to support our industry partners with tools like our online resource AC and Heating Connect.”

The survey of 698 contractors, conducted via email by Emerson Climate Technologies in late 2014, found that contractors were more optimistic about the regional standards than they were earlier in the year. Only 17% were concerned about their ability to compete or remain in business after these changes go into effect.

For contractors, one of the key results of these regulations will be the opportunity to sell higher efficiency systems. In fact, 60% of contractors surveyed said they expect to see their sales of 16 SEER or higher systems increase as a result of the new regulations.

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