Getting educated is time well spent

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If there is one profession that is characterized by the adage “Time Is Money”, it is the HVACR contractor. Time not spent generating new business, in the field installing equipment or servicing a job means time not producing income.

However, based on conversations I’ve had with many contractors at AHR Expo over the years, there appears to be one exception to the “Time is Money” adage — the need for ongoing education, training and keeping up with what’s new.

Although training and education have always been important, the constant introduction of new technological advancements has made this more imperative than ever.The advent of “smart” HVACR equipment; unrelenting software updates; the growing popularity of “cloud connected” products; and the growth of radiant, geothermal and solar technologies are just a few of the many changing topics. The amount of information an HVACR contractor needs to know seems to grow exponentially.

When you add in the need to stay up-to-date on national and local codes and regulations, as well as the need for some contractors to gain industry certification, contractors truly face a formidable time challenge. And although there is no shortage of training and educational programs being offered by industry associations, manufacturers and other organizations, the challenge is finding the time to attend so many different classes and sessions in so many different locations.

Dozens of free seminars keep you connected

You can overcome the time challenge when you participate in the 2015 AHR Expo Educational Program. The world’s largest HVACR event will feature more than 120 educational sessions, certification testing, and new technology updates all under one roof during the three-day Show. Many of these educational sessions are free and are targeted specifically to contractors, like the Mechanical Town Hall. Others have a course fee but are conducted by industryleading experts, including Dan Holohan and John Siegenthaler.

Many contractors have said they were initially hesitant about being away from their jobs and losing billing time to attend AHR Expo. However, after spending a day or two at AHR Expo and finding valuable solutions both on and off the Show floor, most contractors said it was well worth their time and a good investment for their business. What they learned made them more knowledgeable, more productive, more up-to-date and more successful.

So when you stop to think about the adage “Time is Money”, getting educated at AHR Expo is time well spent that can ultimately be as valuable and productive to contractors as time spent in the field.

You can learn more about the AHR Expo Educational Program and view all the sessions on our website.

Clay Stevens is President of the International Exposition Company.

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