Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium Continues Critical Education, Trains 2,200th Plumbing Professio

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. – With the Jan. 4, 2014, effective date of the new federal “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” fast approaching, the Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium just prepared the 2,200th plumbing professional for the mandatory changes resulting from the new law, which will make it illegal to sell or install pipes, fittings and fixtures in applications that convey water for human consumption that have a weighted average lead content exceeding 0.25% (the previous national standard was 8.0% maximum).

Realizing that awareness is the key to compliance of the new requirements, the Get the Lead Out Plumbing Consortium – a cross-section of the plumbing industry comprised of leading trade associations and manufacturers – has been offering widespread education about the manufacture, distribution, and installation of Lead Free plumbing products. As part of those efforts, consortium leaders have been crossing the country to train plumbing distributors, engineers, contractors and inspectors, all of whom will be significantly impacted by the law.

At a recent chapter meeting of the Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association, Jim Wilson became the 2,200th professional trained in these crucial preparations. Wilson, who is president of G & K Plumbing in Cincinnati, Ohio, was presented with an iPad.

“I am so grateful to the consortium for getting this information out to the industry so that we all know how to prepare for the new law and deal with these new requirements instead of getting caught off-guard when it’s too late,” said Wilson. “And, the iPad is a bonus. Not only will it be a great new tool to help me with my business management needs, but it will be constant reminder that I’m a part of an industry that really pulls together to inform and educate us on a regulation like this that will considerably affect my business and others.”

Wilson is testament to the fact that the consortium is making a huge difference as it spreads this crucial information and education to thousands of industry professionals. It urges all plumbing distributors, engineers, contractors and inspectors to not delay another day in preparing for the new requirements.

The consortium’s website – – is a single, comprehensive resource for interpretation and enforcement issues related to the new law; information about Lead Free* products, basis for Lead Free product selection and compliance, and material factors impacting the ability to solder Lead Free alloys effectively and solder-flux considerations; upcoming training opportunities, including webinars, seminars, and trade association events; and step-by-step action plans on how to prepare for the federal Lead Free law. And, as the effective date for the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act draws closer, will continue to be the source for tracking new information and changes as they materialize. 


* Lead Free refers to the wetted surface of pipe, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have a weighted average <=0.25% per the Safe Drinking Water Act (Sec. 1417) amended 1-4-2011 and other equivalent state regulations.

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