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The new Gen-Eye Hot Spot™ Transmitter from General Pipe Cleaners makes pipe and utility locating easier than ever.  The fully loaded 5-watt transmitter features 4 trace frequencies, and an LCD graphic display that indicates line resistance and current flow.

More power means more signal to locate. Choose one of 4 line trace frequencies – 1KHz, 8KHz, 33KHz or 65KHz. You can select the frequency and power that best suits your application. And the superior battery life keeps the unit operating for as much as 100 hours—more than twice as long as other brands. The selectable automatic shutdown feature saves power as well.

The Hot Spot graphic display with auto backlight indicates battery level, output level, USB connection, connectivity, type of transmission (induction, direct connect leads, or clamp), and active frequencies. The menu based system allows you to configure the transmitter according to your needs. Switch between a simple display or the advanced display to monitor milliamps, watts, ohms, and volts.

It even keeps track of hour count, software version, configuration date and calibration date.

The transmitter can easily be upgraded to the latest software updates on-line using the built in USB connection. Optimal frequencies for your area can be configured for each unit. Then use the menu to activate only the frequencies most suited to a particular jobsite. The unit includes shoulder strap for easy transport, and 10 ft. cables and ground stake.

hotspotHot Shot Transmitter Features

  • More PowerPowerful 5-Watt output with 5 output levels makes locating utilities easier.
  • Expanded FrequenciesLocates four line frequencies – 1KHz, 8KHz, 33KHz and 65KHz (65KHz at 1 watt max).
  • Simple, menu-based user interfaceNo need for multiple screens. Easy-to-access menus make it easier to use than other models.
  • Easy-to-read displayIcons indicate a quality connection and power settings. Auto backlight lets you locate in dimly lit areas.
  • Superior Battery LifeLasts approximately 100 hours—more than twice as long as other brands. Automatic shutdown feature saves power.
  • Upgradeable SoftwareUse the USB port to upgrade software in the field or for a screen capture.

The Gen-Eye Hot Spot Transmitter gives you the power and versatility to make utility line locating easier, faster, and more productive. That means more profitability for your business. To see General’s complete line of camera inspection systems, contact the Drain Brains at General at 800-245-6200 or visit:

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