General Pipe Cleaners’ Root Ripper

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Cutters-RP2To clear a nasty root mass you need a tough cutter to rip the roots out. General Pipe Cleaners’ Root Ripper™ does just that. The Root Ripper’s heavy steel spring has a tapered point that screws into the roots and a claw at the front that rips them out. It’s made of hardened spring steel for durability and coated to protect against rust. It can also be adapted to sectional machines – or to other brands of cable-type drain cleaners.

Use the Root Ripper in combination with General’s Flexicore® cables that are strong enough to deliver the torque needed to cut tough stoppages. Heavy-gage wire is coiled tightly around 49-strand aircraft-type wire rope and heat treated. It offers unequalled strength and the right amount of flexibility. So tough it carries a one-year warranty.

General offers more than 100 different types of cutters to handle all of your drain cleaning needs –  from starting tools like the Arrow Head and Spearhead, to finishing tools like the U-Cutter or Heavy-Duty Saw Blades, to specialty cutters like the ClogChopper® and Spider Cutter™.  All of General’s cutters are available with connectors to match drum-type or sectional machines, or to match many other brands of drain cleaning machines.

For details, contact the Drain Brains® at General Pipe Cleaners at 800-245-6200 or 412-771-6300, or visit


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