General® iBorescope

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Using the instrument’s Wi-Fi hotspot capability and a free app, professionals and DIYers can instantly and wirelessly view and save high-definition inspection video and images on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ * smartphone or tablet. This is a major stride in the innovation and evolution of video inspection, eliminating the need for an integral monitor or a wired connection to an external monitor. The iBorescope has countless HVACR and plumbing applications (not to mention uses in construction, remodeling, home inspection, automotive and other industries). It empowers users to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas—behind walls; under objects; inside machinery, appliances, drains, pipes and ducts; under the hood and much more—without the need for disassembly or teardown. Regularly priced at $299, the iBorescope offers an economical way to detect and diagnose problems, and arms users with powerful evidence of their findings. A recent price reduction to $249, makes it more cost-effective than ever.

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