FlowGuard Gold, Corzan pipe listed by ICC-ES

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Cleveland — After extensive testing and development by The Lubrizol Corporation, FlowGuard Gold® Pipe and Fittings and Corzan® Pipe and Fittings are listed by the International Code Council-Evaluation Service  (ICC-ES PMG-1264) for use in return air plenums.  The listing confirms that water filled (water distribution) and empty (condensate) ½” through 2” FlowGuard Gold Pipe and Fittings and water-filled (water distribution) ½” through 6” Corzan Pipe and Fittings meet the 25/50 flame and smoke requirements for materials installed in return air plenums as defined in both the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC). Soon, code officials, engineers, contractors and other building professionals can expect to find the new ICC-ES PMG listing mark on FlowGuard Gold and Corzan pipe and fittings, signifying that the products meet the performance requirements for plenums:


Until recently, the decision of whether to approve plastic pipe and fittings for plenum-rated spaces was a challenging task for professional code officials across the country.  Relying on testing documents from each manufacturer and using varying testing conditions, code officials had the unenviable position of interpreting data rather than enforcing code. The 2012 version of the IMC requires all combustible materials installed within a plenum to be listed and labeled as having a flame spread index of not more than 25 and a smoke developed index of not more than 50 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84 or UL723.  The same listing and labeling requirement is on track to be added to the 2015 version of the UMC.

Today, Lubrizol has received confirmation from ICC-ES that its FlowGuard Gold and Corzan Pipe and Fittings comply with the provisions of the 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed requirement of both the IMC and UMC.

This confirmation, as evidenced in ICC-ES listing PMG-1264, provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of FlowGuard Gold and Corzan Pipe and Fittings under these codes. The listing is available online at: http://www.icc-es-pmg.org/Listing_Directory/pdf/PMG-1264.pdf.

With this new clear-cut ICC-ES PMG listing, contractors can now have confidence when gaining approval and compliance with the 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed requirement of both the IMC and UMC.  Also, engineers will be able to specify the new ICC-ES PMG listing for projects to ensure that they will only allow piping materials that meet the code requirements.

The ICC-ES PMG listing is another testament to Lubrizol’s continued dedication to the marketplace. By working with a respected institution such as ICC to offer an enforceable, reliable and specifiable choice for piping alternatives in plenum-rated spaces, Lubrizol CPVC is truly dedicated to giving you MORE INSIDE™.

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