Eternal GU125T & GU160T Condensing Hybrid Water Heater

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Eternal is introducing two new robust options for endless hot water in residential applications with greater demand. The GU125T and the GU160T Eternal condensing hybrid water heaters provide endless hot water like a tankless, but have 20 gallons of storage inside to support fixtures and appliances in a home with high GPM requirements. The GU125T provides a class-leading 125 gallons per hour and the GU160T astounds at 160 gallons per hour. Both units are built with Eternal’s award winning hybrid technology, run on a standard ½” gas line, and are highly efficient. The GU125T and the GU160T will be available late spring 2013 and will be backed by a 12 year no leak warranty on the tank and a 5 year warranty on parts.


Model Name



Thermal Efficiency* / Energy Factor

96% / 0.94 Energy Factor


Indoor / Floor Standing

Vent Run

3” PVC

Up to 100ft, 6 Elbows Max, 5ft Deduction Per Elbow

Condensate pH Level

4 pH

Gas Type

Pre-set for NG / LP Conversion Kit Included

Unit Connections

Gas and Water

1/2” Female NPT


Dedicated 120VAC, 60Hz w/3 Pronged Power Cord

Gas Input Rate

Min / Max



Gas Supply Pressure


3.5”WC to 10.5”WC / 8”WC to 14”WC

Ignition System

Direct Electronic Ignition w/Automatic Flame Sensing

Burner System

Sealed Combustion with Metal Fiber Premix Burner

Gas Valve System

Dual Stage Negative Pressure Modulation

Reserve Tank

20 Gallons

20 Gallons

Hourly Recovery Rate at 77°F Rise

105 Gallons

140 Gallons

First Hour Delivery Rate

125 Gallons

160 Gallons

Temperature Sensing


Temperature Control

Thermistor Starts with Heating Cycle

Temperature Settings Range

125°F, 135°F and 140°F by 3 Steps

Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)

22.0” x 40.3” x 22.0”

Unit Weight


Safety Devices

T&P Valve, Flame Rod, Remaining Flame Detection, Fan RPM Check, Freeze Protection(-40°F), Vent

Blockage Detection, Thermostat Switches(194°F), 1 x 5A Fuse.


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