EPA chimes in on lead free

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john_mesenbrinkRecently, I had a conversation with Dave Yates, F.W. Behler, York, Pa., regarding the upcoming lead-free legislation. Dave was very candid when we talked about the contractor’s role in all of this, telling us that he thinks that not all contractors are aware of the law, or aren’t making the necessary adjustments.

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At one point I asked him if there was going to be issues with enforcement, and are these new lead-free plumbing components going to be designated accordingly. His answer, “The seminars I have attended put on by manufacturing companies have told us NO with the exception of valve handles being white.”

Shortly after this story was posted on the Hub, a member of the EPA contacted me to let me know that the EPA had recently released the following document to help consumers identify materials that have been certified as lead-free to the new requirement: “How to Identify Lead-Free Certification Marks for Drinking Water System & Plumbing Materials.”

It can be found here: http://nepis.epa.gov/Adobe/PDF/P100GRDZ.pdf

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