Emerson offers Compressor Modulation e-book

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St. Louis — Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., a business of Emerson, provides helpful information to contractors and facility managers on the value and impact of compressor modulation through an eBook titled, “Understanding Compressor Modulation in Air Conditioning Applications.”

As the world’s leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, Emerson Climate Technologies developed the new eBook to inform HVACR contractors and professionals about compressor modulation technology, the applications for which it is best suited and its key benefits.

The first chapter of the eBook provides a general overview of the different types of modulation technology available today along with an explanation of compressor modulation’s value. Subsequent chapters cover different types of modulation technology in detail, and the final chapters discuss the types of commercial and residential applications that benefit from modulation as well as how to sell higher efficiency systems.

The full eBook is now available on the Emerson Climate Technologies website at www.emersonclimate.com/modulation and includes:

Chapter 1: Compressor Modulation Overview

Chapter 2: Two-Step Compressor Modulation

Chapter 3: Continuous Compressor Modulation

Chapter 4: Variable Speed Compressor Modulation

Chapter 5: Multiple Compressor Modulation

Chapter 6: A Case for Residential Modulation

Chapter 7: A Case for Commercial Modulation

Chapter 8: Tools to Help You Sell Higher Efficiency Systems

After reading the eBook, HVACR professionals and contractors will be able to assist customers in evaluating the initial costs of premium systems versus traditional fixed capacity systems. The eBook will also help them better understand the extended value of high efficiency and overall system performance and reliability.

For more information on modulation technology, visit www.emersonclimate.com.

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