EMCOR supports breast cancer awareness

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San Francisco — EMCOR Marelich Mechanical announced that their employees, along with those of Tishman Speyer and contractor Lend Lease, donned EMCOR Pink Hard Hats and assembled to form a 350 person giant human pink ribbon in a “Call to Action” in support of breast cancer awareness as part of EMCOR’s “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today.” Campaign.


EMCOR/Marelich, Tishman Speyer, and Lend Lease employees formed EMCOR’s signature Pink Hard Hat Ribbon—the world’s 1st formed atop a high rise—on October 2nd, a visual kick-off for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and call to action for EMCOR’s ‘Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today.’ campaign. The event was held rooftop at 201 Folsom Street, a high-rise luxury community under construction that will transform the landscape of the South of Marketing cityscape.
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The first of its kind, the EMCOR aerial Pink Hard Hat Ribbon was assembled on the 9th story rooftop terrace of LUMINA, a high-rise community being developed by Tishman Speyer and under construction by Lend Lease in San Francisco.  With 656 residences, its location at 201 Folsom Street will transform the landscape of San Francisco’s South of Market cityscape.

A leading contractor in the San Francisco Bay area, Marelich Mechanical is a subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE: EME), a Fortune 500® leader in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services for a diverse range of businesses.  2014 is EMCOR’s 6th consecutive year raising awareness for breast cancer screening through its signature Pink Hard Hat Ribbon Events; through October EMCOR is creating 6 giant human Pink Hard Hat Events coast-to-coast in conjunction with its clients.

As part of the event, a Pink Hard Hat plaque was presented to Carl Shannon, Senior Managing Director and Regional Director—Northern California, Tishman Speyer, and Bruce Berardi, General Manager, California, Lend Lease, by Keith Atteberry, President & CEO of EMCOR/Marelich.

“Tishman Speyer is honored to have LUMINA host the formation of the Pink Hard Hat Ribbon on its rooftop terrace,” stated Carl Shannon.  “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our building partners to bring awareness to breast cancer within our community.”

“It’s exciting to take part in this significant moment in time, standing with our client and subcontractors, creating a massive visual icon on top of this grand structure we’re all erecting,” stated Bruce Berardi.  It’s gratifying to be part of a call to action for such an important cause.

“We’re delighted to be participating in EMCOR’s 6th consecutive year of conducting this national initiative,” stated Keith Atteberry. “The enthusiasm for this program continues to grow, and we’ve received feedback regarding the positive impact our awareness efforts have had on decisions to go for a screening–-we know EMCOR is making a difference. Our field employees wear a hard hat every day for personal protection, and we’re proud they’re committed to wearing a Pink Hard Hat during October to help raise awareness of the importance of screening.”

Additionally, thousands of EMCOR employees across the U.S. are wearing EMCOR Pink Hard Hats at scores of construction sites, ranging from hospitals, roadways, malls, and high tech companies, to universities, military bases, and hotels.

A “multiplier effect” will continue when thousands of passersby to EMCOR’s jobsites see the Pink Hard Hats and EMCOR employees take the Pink Hard Hats home each night and they’re seen by spouses, daughters, sisters, neighbors.  Also, EMCOR’s 7,000+ service vehicles will carry Pink Hard Hat posters, reaching millions of people throughout October.

Visit EMCOR’s Pink Hard Hat site: http://www.emcorgroup.com/pinkhardhat

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