Eemax opens Innovation Learning Center

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Waterbury, Conn.—Eemax® celebrated the grand opening of a new 7,000-sq.-ft. Innovation Learning Center at the company’s corporate headquarters in Waterbury. A hub for training, creative exploration, and water heating education, the Innovation Learning Center will serve as a collaborative space for engineers, manufacturer’s representatives, wholesalers, and plumber/contractors in the Northeast and nationwide.

The second of five Innovative Learning Centers to open across the U.S. and Canada, the facility in Waterbury features a collaborative workspace, flexible meeting rooms, a product demonstration room for training and troubleshooting product, and a spacious product showcase area. The modern, open floor plan is key for encouraging the collaboration and innovation of product training, troubleshooting, and development.

Eemax ILC Showroom

“This center is not just about showing PowerPoint slides. It is about having a robust, hands-on training experience where our customers can see, touch, troubleshoot, and repair units. It’s about more than just products… it’s about the whole integrated event of learning, networking, and team building,” explains Kevin Ruppelt, vice president and general manager, Raypak® and Eemax.

The Innovation Learning Centers are high-tech installations that aim to train plumbers nationwide in 2018. The interactive classroom experience, live demonstration and instruction lab (equipment can be broken down and reassembled), digital portal, as well as a state-of-the-art product showroom will prove to be a unique experience that highlights the latest energy efficient water heaters, pool heaters, boilers, and HVAC equipment manufactured by Rheem® and its subsidiaries.

“This training center is reflective of Rheem’s commitment to innovation and to business growth—for both us and our partners,” said Rich Bendure, executive vice president, Rheem Water Heating. “This is a very dynamic time for our industry and investing in the trade through training. It’s not just a smart business decision, it’s an investment in the future.”

Eemax has called Connecticut home since 1988. With the opening of this center, the company will continue to drive growth and manufacturing
innovation within the state. Bringing in visitors from near and far, the Innovation Learning Center’s staff aims to educate the talent pool of professionals in the trades, and support the growth of business and industry within the global workforce.

“This effort is just one of many initiatives Eemax has launched to expand our reach within the community,” added Ruppelt. “Eemax and the rest of the Rheem family of brands will continue to seek opportunities that advance the water heating market and its peers.”

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