Educational PERC Video Outlines Advantages of Tankless Water Heating in Commercial Buildings

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Washington — The Propane Education & Research Council released a video for commercial builders and contractors that provides a comprehensive overview of tankless water heaters. The video details how the systems work, their role in meeting LEED certification, and more.

“Many commercial building owners and operators are finding tankless water heaters to be a valuable investment — whether in retrofits or new construction projects,” said Bryan Cordill, director of residential and commercial business development at PERC. “These systems are bringing significant space and energy savings to businesses across the country, especially as tankless technology continues to evolve. This video helps showcase how propane tankless systems can be a solution for a wide variety of commercial building types.”

The video outlines the importance of maximizing space and efficiency in commercial buildings, given that water heating is a major energy consumer in many buildings — particularly older buildings in need of renovations. In fact, nearly 80 percent of water heating energy use occurs in buildings built before the year 2000.

Current water heating technology, especially propane tankless systems, can offer big improvements in terms of performance, energy use, and energy costs. Plus, they’re versatile, so tankless technology for commercial buildings can meet a wide range of load types. As outlined in the video, individual tankless units can be combined into larger configurations, allowing them to provide hot water rates of several hundred gallons per minute — and ultimately, the ability to handle water heating no matter the size or scope of a building.

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