DEWALT Sledge Hammers and Axes

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DEWALT has introduced a new line of seven ExoCore™ Sledge Hammers and three Axes all featuring carbon fiber composite handles for durability, overstrike protection and light tool weight. These are the first-ever DEWALT sledge hammers and axes.

Available in 6-, 8-, and 12-pound versions with a 32” handle and 4-pound with a 12” handle, DEWALT® ExoCore™ Sledge Hammers feature an efficient strike face for a clean and effective break and a carbon fiber composite overlay that helps prevent damage. The range is designed to meet a variety of needs and applications from metal and drywall to driving a punch or chisel.

DEWALT® ExoCore™ Axes are available in 20 oz. with a 12” handle and 3.5 single bit and 4.5-pound log splitter with a 32” handle. All DEWALT® ExoCore™ Axes feature a scalloped cutting edge, which ensure a deep cut and improved release from material, and carbon fiber composite handles for overstrike protection. The durable rubber over-mold on the grip provides comfort.

Available now where DEWALT products are sold, the ExoCore™ Sledge Hammers and Axes will come with a limited lifetime warranty for $29.99-$54.97 MSRP.

DWHT56028: 8 lb. EXOCORE™ Sledge Hammer
DWHT45026: 4 lb. EXOCORE™ Sledge Hammer
DWHT56025: 4 lb. EXOCORE™ Blacksmith Sledge Hammer
DWHT56027: 6 lb. EXOCORE™ Sledge Hammer
DWHT56029: 10 lb. EXOCORE™ Sledge Hammer
DWHT56030: 12 lb. EXOCORE™ Sledge Hammer
DWHT56024: 4 lb. EXOCORE™ Sledge Hammer

DWHT56033: 4.5 lb. EXOCORE™ Log Splitter
DWHT56032: 3.5 lb. EXOCORE™ Single Bit Axe
DWHT56031: 20 oz. EXOCORE™ Camper’s Hatchet

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