DEWALT® New Folding Auto-Load Knife

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DEWALT® introduces its new Folding Auto-Load Knife – model DWHT10261 – which automatically loads a new blade to save time on the jobsite and provides a DWHT10261_3_500X500better cutting experience.

The Folding Auto-Load Knife is a premium cutting utility knife for professional drywallers and general contractors. When a utility blade dulls, simply remove the used blade by depressing the blade release button and retracting the slider to load the new blade. With features such as the convenient automatic blade loading as well as on-board blade storage, you can spend more time making cuts and less time changing blades.

Changing blades with traditional utility knives requires removing work gloves, unscrewing the knife, and manually removing the dull blade and inserting a new blade. Other auto-load utility knives are bulky, having an oversized auto-load mechanism inside the handle. The DEWALT Auto-Load Knife and auto-load mechanism is compact, providing a slender handle design that is easy to grip.

The Auto-Load Knife stores up to 3 blades and accepts standard utility blades. No special blade packs required. The Auto-Load Knife also features a soft grip so the knife is comfortable in your hand.

The DEWALT Folding Auto-Load Knife is available now at mass retailers, home centers and in the independent channel and it will retail for approximately $14.99.

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