Danfoss partners w/ reps in Great Lakes region

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Baltimore – Danfoss, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency components and controls for heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems, today announced the appointment of two new sales representative organizations – both serving customers in the Great Lakes region.

Illinois & Indiana: JLF Electrical Sales

In Illinois and Indiana, JLF Electrical Sales will now offer Danfoss electric heating products. Danfoss’ comprehensive line of electric heating systems – including floor heating, snow melting, pipe tracing, and roof/gutter ice prevention cables – provide a quick and easy solution to meet the heating needs of typical cold-weather challenges, with the added benefit of energy savings.

Headquartered in Addison, Ill., and founded in December 1998 by Joseph G. Friedlein II, JLF’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and superior customer service. JLF prides itself on setting a precedent in the industry by employing the motto “Service After The Sale.” They focus on “not only remaining high-tech, but high-touch as well.”

“JLF Electrical Sales — in continuity with our mission — hand-picks only the highest caliber of manufacturers to represent,” says Friedlein. “We chose Danfoss for their innovative and high-end line of electrical heating products.”

To reach JLF Electrical Sales, call (630) 627-1722 or email jlfelectricalsalesinc@worldnet.att.net.

To learn more about Danfoss’ line of electric heating solutions and for a comprehensive library of data sheets, installation manuals, files and more, visit lx.danfoss.com.

Wisconsin & Upper Michigan: Cornerstone Mechanical Sales

In Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan, Cornerstone Mechanical Sales, LLC, will now represent Danfoss hydronic comfort controls. Cornerstone’s mission is to provide the highest level of application, quotation, and technical support expertise to engineers, distributors, contractors, and building owners.

Cornerstone is headquartered in south-eastern Wisconsin in the village of Eagle and owned by Greg Wallace. Wallace has more than 17 years of experience working with specifying engineers and contractors, as well as in-depth knowledge of increasing efficiency, productivity, and sales. The organization’s primary sales channels include wholesale and applied products distributors and mechanical/performance contractors.

“Greg and his team have extensive experience with Danfoss hydronic controls, and I am confident that Cornerstone Mechanical will offer a superior level of technical and application support in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan,” says Dave Mason, Danfoss regional sales manager, hydronic comfort controls.

To reach Cornerstone Mechanical Sales, call (262)594-0011 or email greg@cornerstonems.net.

To learn more about Danfoss’ line of heating solutions and for a comprehensive library of data sheets, installation manuals, files and more, please visit www.na.heating.danfoss.com.

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