Daikin Applied Trailblazer chiller

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Daikin_TrailblazerHeating and cooling commercial buildings account for significant amounts of energy consumption and related costs. When combined with the extensive use of air cooled scroll chillers, the need for wide-spread energy control increases. To help customers reduce associated costs, Daikin Applied is shining a spotlight on the need to increase energy conservation through its latest advancement — Trailblazer™, a new family of air cooled scroll chillers that provide unprecedented efficiencies and low cost of ownership.

Trailblazer features reliable technology adopted from Daikin Applied’s popular AGZ chiller line, offering performance and features that promote low cost of ownership from installation throughout the course of its life cycle. Its factory installed options and custom pump packages decrease engineering and design efforts, and speed up contractor installation times and commissioning. Using new, all-aluminum microchannel heat exchanger technology, in conjunction with proven compressor equipment, Trailblazer requires minimal maintenance, delivering on low operating costs and improving overall efficiency.

The new line not only meets but exceeds industry standards for various applications. In addition to surpassing ASHRAE 90.1 2013 and FEMP 2012 standards, Trailblazer qualifies for LEED refrigerant management credit by using a minimal amount of R410A, which does not contribute to ozone depletion.

The chiller is available in sizes from 30-180 tons, with 190-240 ton capacities coming this winter.


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