Contractors Hit The Ice For Food, Fun & Fish

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Product promotion events put on by local wholesale houses are typically held indoors.  Every contractor has attended one and the events usually include a manufacturer’s representative, probably a sales person or two from the wholesaler, product displays and literature.  I recently attended an event far from the ordinary product promotion on the frozen waters of Lake Minnetonka here in Excelsior Minnesota.

Navien America Inc. along with Ferguson Enterprises and Navien Rep. Mondale & Associates were hosts to the event.  Sales staff from Ferguson along with manufacturer’s rep. Mondale was in attendance answering questions with displays set up showing off the latest Navien tankless water heaters.  During the opening minutes of the event a short presentation was given about the new model release but was kept to a minimum in anticipation by even those hosting the event that fishing and food was the main attraction.

To say a good time was had by all is an understatement. The event was catered with chili, appetizers and open bar.  Oh and I cannot forget the ice fishing.  During the time I was there I saw a handful of fish pulled from the frozen depths of this famous Midwest lake resulting with all in attendance erupting in laughter and excitement as each were hoisted through holes drilled in the nearly two-and-a-half foot thick ice. 

For those of you less familiar to the ways of us Minnesotans, ice fishing has long been a highly enjoyed pastime.  Our long winters and plentiful lakes provide for endless fishing hotspots when the temps dip below thirty-two on the mercury scale.  On most lakes, as was the case at this event, “Fish Houses”, trucks and cars alike are seen from every vantage point in search of the many game fish we hold in high regard.   Bayview Event Center (Excelsior, MN) provided all the needed fishing equipment along with a large event tent, multiple bonfire pits for warming and an on-site constructed “ice bar”. 

This was definitely the most creative and enjoyable product presentation I have ever attended.  Kudos to all involved in planning and executing such a fun event! I very much look forward to attending next year as I have been told by those that organized the event they are already planning to make it an annual get together.  I even offered up my idea that they should bring along an LP tank and fire-up one of the tankless units, drawing water straight out of the lake…I’ll let you know if they try it! 

Eric Aune



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