Construct Launches Mobile & Desktop App to Maximize Workflow

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Houston, Tex.—Costruct, a mobile and web based construction management platform announced today the launch of their cloud-based eco-system, which streamlines communication, file sharing and scheduling.

Costruct was created by a team of Texas-based real estate developers who have developed an essential project management solution that streamlines communication between architects, engineers and construction teams through an innovative chat platform. The platform is a simple tool that encourages collaboration to streamline project workflow through two core features, which include:

Messaging: Costruct creates a permanent record and searchable archive of exchanged messages allowing for quick and simple referencing – all organized by project groups and date.

File Sharing: Users can upload, share and manage important documents, images, 3D models and PDFs to a secure cloud-based server allowing all team members real-time access to any mobile or desktop device. The uploaded data is organized by project, giving users easy access to necessary information.

In the second quarter of 2019, a scheduling/project management feature will be added to the platform. This tool will give users the ability to easily delegate projects, set timelines and track progress.

Construct Launches Mobile & Desktop App to Maximize Workflow

Costruct’s users can easily and quickly use and navigate the features of the app from a mobile device or desktop computer. Three levels of access are available – owner, administrator and user – which adds additional levels of controlled security.

“Our development team brings over 30+-years of project management experience in the construction business,” said Kang Shen, Business Development Manager of Costruct, “Initially we created a proprietary software to help our teams work more efficiently.  Once we shared this with our subcontractors we found that this was an incredible platform that others in the industry could really benefit from. The most important thing for us was to design Costruct in a way that was welcoming to users and would maximize overall workflow.”

Costruct app is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices and can also be accessed through a web browser on your desktop computer. For more information visit