Cimberio Valve CimPRESS ball valves proven reliable

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CimPRESS ball valves and other CimPRESS line items are used in nearly all applications of copper in sizes ½” to 4”, including both potable and non-potable. CimPRESS has proven very effective and reliable in fast installations for HVAC, potable water, as well as CSA approved gas piping applications. Cimberio’s FASTLOCK Fittings are a malleable fitting line that work on schedule’s 10 to 40 standard black or galvanized pipe. This revolutionary system was introduced in Europe several years ago and brought t he USA in 2010 due to the dramatic increase in the cost of copper. Applications for FASTLOCK have mostly been MRO service, HVAC and compressed air (with less than 25mg/m3 oil content) with some market for repair of potable or transition from older galvanized water lines to more modern piping. CimPRESS works with anyone’s tool, clamps and jaws. We offer interchangeability in ½” to 2” as well as offering 2 ½” to 4” in XL-B, XL-C, and XL-N (Nibco)

FASTLOCK uses iron tube sizes jaws but these jaws will work on any tool on the market that can crimp 2” copper.

The dramatic rise in use coincides with a tighter labor market so the pressing system addresses the demands of labor for increased installation efficiency regardless of the added material cost. Now with the introduction of the FASTLOCK fittings, we are using the labor-saving advantage of pressing, while more importantly responding to the demand for lowering material cost.

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Information provided by James McHugh, vice president, Cimberio Valve.

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