Caleffi DIRTMAG® Dirt Separator with Magnet

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With years of worldwide proven, industry-leading experience in air and dirt elimination technology, Caleffi expands the DIRTMAG® family by introducing a new DIRTMAG dirt separator with magnet that can be installed on either horizontal or vertical piping with the rotating brass base mount. In heating and air conditioning control systems, the circulating fluid with impurities causes rapid wear, damage, noise, lower heat transfer and reduced pump performance, resulting in higher energy consumption and unreliable system performance. Additionally, ferrous oxide is attracted to the permanent magnets common in modern pumps causing the impeller to stick or lockup. The DIRTMAG removes both magnetic and non-magnetic particles continuously, featuring a powerful removable external rare-earth magnet around the body. The large dirt collection chamber requires infrequent cleaning, which is as easy as removing the magnetic collar and opening the large drain valve while the system is operating. The NA5453 series DIRTMAG is available in sizes ¾” and 1” with threaded or sweat union connections.

For further information, please refer to our online Technical Brochure or Sell Sheet.

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