BrassCraft Safety+PLUS Portable Gas Leak Detector

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BrassCraft Gas Leak Detector Wand BCGLD01 X6BrassCraft Manufacturing is introducing the handheld Safety+PLUS™ Portable Gas Leak Detector, an ideal “Do-It-Yourself” instrument to use in home for pinpointing natural gas, methane, LP (propane) and butane  gas leaks in appliances, piping and canisters.


This Gas Leak Detector features an embedded microprocessor with a low-battery alert — the unit turns off when battery power is below minimum voltage requirements. The tool is powered for approximately 1,000 minutes of operation by two AA batteries.  Green, yellow and red lights illuminate to indicate the degree of gas detected: a green light means that the air contains no detectable amount of gas; a yellow light and two beep sounds signal that a small amount of gas is detected; a red light and five beep sounds alerts the user that a significant amount of gas is detected.

Intuitive and user-friendly, the Safety+PLUS Gas Leak Detector is small enough to be operated with just one hand. A self-calibrating sensor ensures consistent product performance.  A protective black cap is designed to protect the sensor from damage and also reduces the risk of it becoming contaminated.

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