Bradford White Water Heaters Introduces New Twist on Standard Pocket Catalogs

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Bradford White Water Heaters pocket catalogs now use QR technology to ensure quick access to most up-to-date product specs, manuals, and other documents

Bradford White Water Heaters, an industry-leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and storage tanks, introduces new printed and digital pocket catalogs that use QR codes to ensure contractors and distributors have quick access to the most recent product specifications and documents.

The new catalogs were designed based on customer input and reflect Bradford White’s continuing commitment to meeting the needs of customers and business partners who are rapidly increasing their adoption of digital assets and information-sharing.

Traditional pocket catalogs, like other printed assets, can become quickly outdated as product specs are updated, new products are introduced, or older products are taken out of production. Bradford White’s new pocket catalogs equipped with QR codes allow users to immediately retrieve and view the most recent and up-to-date spec sheets, manuals and other product documents available.

“An overwhelming number of contractors have informed us that pocket catalogs remain a critical cross-reference guide,” said Carl Pinto, Jr., senior director of marketing communications for Bradford White. “Many of our customers and business partners have also adopted one or more apps or other digital assets to manage their businesses. Our new pocket catalogs ensure that they have quick, reliable access to the latest and most accurate product information, regardless of their preference for the print or digital version.”

Besides providing customers with quick access to the most up-to-date product information, each edition of the new printed pocket catalogs will be roughly 50% leaner than previous editions.

“With the new printed catalogs requiring significantly less paper, there’s an environmental component to this new design,” Pinto said. “Ultimately, we’re looking to drive 100% adoption of the online versions to eliminate paper waste altogether.”

The digital pocket catalog will ultimately be integrated into the Bradford White For the Pro® app, which is currently being field tested for release later this year.

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