Bosch Total Comfort Control

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With the average person spending as much as 80% of his/her time indoors, the quality of the air we breathe indoors is not only important to our comfort but also to our health. To deliver improved indoor air quality while also helping to save energy, Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. has introduced a new portfolio of IAQ accessories for integration with its Greensource line residential geothermal heat pumps or other compatible HVAC systems.

The Bosch Total Comfort Control solution represents the next generation of air quality accessories designed to provide a higher quality of living through improved indoor air comfort. All IAQ accessories are designed and manufactured to Bosch’s highest quality standards.

Bosch’s complete solution can be added or retrofitted to an existing geothermal heat pump like Greensource or any other HVAC system including: split system air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, or dual fuel / hybrid equipment.

According to EPA testing, levels of pollutants are two to five times higher indoors than outside. The key to improving indoor air quality is the elimination of the source of the contaminants by way of ventilation and refreshment of the air, as well as filtration and removal of as many particles as possible. The Bosch Total Comfort Control System includes a humidifier, fresh air dampers, Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer (PCO), high-performance carbon and potassium-permanganate filters, and digital touchscreen thermostats.

According to Craig Kersten, Bosch Thermotechnology’s Manager for Residential and Light Commercial Products, “Bosch’s new Indoor Air Quality products and controls encompass all aspects of air purity, humidity and temperature control, enabling the homeowner to modulate, manage and modify the quality and comfort of virtually all aspects of indoor comfort.”

Controlling humidity is critical in HVAC systems. The Bosch Humidifier minimizes annoying static electrical shocks and dry, cracked wood, and can help save money by introducing needed moisture into dry winter air, thereby making occupants feel warmer while maintaining an economical indoor temperature.
The Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer (PCO) accessory helps refresh and clean the air within the home by converting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other gases into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Carbon and Potassium-Permanganate Filters help remove gases, odors, and other VOCs by trapping them in a carbon and potassium permanganate mesh. Bosch high-quality filters are made to provide optimal air filtration and removal of gases and odors unmatched by standard filters and most high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems while keeping an HVAC system clean, operating at peak efficiencies and within safe operating guidelines.

The Bosch Smoke Detector automatically shuts down heating and air conditioning equipment if fire should start in the home, thereby helping stop the spread of toxic smoke and providing valuable time to evacuate.

Fresh Air Dampers have variable control to personalize the amount of outside air entering a home. These fresh air dampers can help prevent a home from going into a negative pressure condition, which can trap VOCs, radon and other harmful airborne gases and particles, leading to poor indoor air quality that can have harmful health effects to occupants.

Bosch Thermostats offer touchscreen control of many parameters of indoor comfort and take the guess-work out of when to perform maintenance on the IAQ accessories and heating and cooling equipment. Non-volatile memory eliminates concerns about losing the program during power outages. The communicating thermostat will also indicate if the equipment is running at peak efficiency.

Bosch’s new Greensource CDi series SM model geothermal heat pump communicates alerts and operational details to the thermostat, thus enhancing performance and consumer awareness of conditions throughout the entire home comfort system.

Bosch’s Total Control Comfort system includes all the elements needed for total control of indoor air. For more information, visit

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