Bosch CM12SD 12″ Compound Miter Saw

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CM12SD_Interior Cut 1When the job requires precision, versatility and speed – and that’s always the case – the Bosch CM12SD 12″ Compound Miter Saw has the answer with easy adjustment, increased capacity and better material support.

It starts with all-metal bevel locks that are convenient and easy to reach. The lever is located to the side, which eliminates the need to reach behind the saw to make adjustments. The Bosch-exclusive quick-select turret bevel detent system offers common detents at 22.5˚, 33.9˚, 45˚ and 47˚, a feature that boasts more accurate settings for better precision. Bevel and miter scales are scribed on all metal faces for easy legibility.

By increasing cutting capacity, the Bosch CM12SD Compound Miter Saw delivers maximum versatility. This saw offers the greatest cutting capacity of any Bosch saw with ranges from 3-1/2″ x 14″ (4×14) crosscut to 6-3/4″ base against fence, plus 6-1/2″ crown molding at 45˚.

The Bosch CM12SD offers integrated base extensions that support the workpiece and make transportation easier, which is similar to what‘s found on other Bosch miter saws. The Bosch CM12SD is 24″ wide for professional material support when retracted; it expands up to 39″ for added material support.

The upfront miter lock requires a simple 1/3 turn for quick lock or unlock. The miter detent overrides with thumb action for easy and precise settings of any neighboring angles to the miter detents. The saw miters 52˚ left and 60˚ right for maximum versatility.

A tall 4-3/4″ fence design supports material for accurate cuts and easy bevel-cut setup. It adjusts and removes quickly and easily for professional applications. Machined cast-in fence scales produce greater ease when making repetitive cuts.

Transport across the jobsite is key for the Bosch CM12SD, so carry handles offer a rounded grip and are located on the underside of extensions for easy movement. Similar to other Bosch saws, the Bosch CM12SD offers a combination dust chute and vacuum adapter for 1-1/4″ and 35mm hoses.  In addition, this saw fits into the company’s “click and clean” platform that secures the vacuum hose in place.

Target users include general carpentry tradesmen, finish carpenters and cabinet/woodworking shops. Applications include cross and compound cuts in engineered lumber, composites and aluminum, along with similar cuts in trim and molding.

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