Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® and RenewABILITY Energy USA to Help New York – New Jersey Home Owners

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Hazleton, Pa. — RenewABILITY Energy (REI) USA and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® announced today that they have established an agreement to help home owners  affected by Hurricane Sandy in  New York and New Jersey by installing Power-Pipe® Drain Water Heat Recovery systems free of charge during any repairs made by Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Renewability Energy USA will donate product and installation time to some home owners impacted by the hurricane.

“As families look to return to a state of normalcy, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to help,” said Darren Dixon, Vice President of Operations for Clockwork Home Services, owner of the Benjamin Franklin Brand.

“The Department of Energy reports that residential water heating is the second largest use of energy in homes outside of space heating. Power-Pipe drain water heat recovery systems reduce residential water heating by 25 to 40 percent and are a proven, practical, energy-saving technology, with no moving parts which simply pre-heat incoming cold fresh water, with outgoing warm drain water”, “This will provide a significant long term savings for many home owners rebuilding their homes in the affected area” noted Rod Buchalter Residential Sales Manager for Renewability Energy Inc.

“Decreasing long term utility costs with a proven technology installed in thousands of homes across North America, for those rebuilding was the key motivator for the agreement”, noted Darren Dixon, Clockwork Home Services.  “With an installed cost of $749, R3-36 Power-Pipes are built to last, are maintenance free and include a customer- friendly 10 year warranty.

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