BDR Thermea acquires ECR Int.

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Utica, N.Y. — ECR International, an HVAC manufacturer with headquarters in Utica, N.Y. and fabrication facilities in Dunkirk, N.Y., announced that the company’s shareholders have approved the sale of the company to BDR Thermea, a Dutch heating products group with its global headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. The acquisition brings together two privately owned companies that have been in business for almost 90 years in the US and for more than 300 years in Europe.

Ron Passafaro, President and CEO of ECR International stated: “We are pleased that ECR shareholders have supported this transaction which now allows us to access the tools necessary to compete in all technology and market segments.”

“I’m excited to welcome ECR International to our family of leading, international brands,” added Rob Van Banning, Chief Executive Officer of BDR Thermea. “BDR Thermea is on its way to become the leading heating manufacturer and distributor in the U.S.. For us, this acquisition represents a first step of a bigger strategy to increase market share and presence worldwide.  All BDR North American operations will be integrated into our newly established company which will continue to operate under the ECR International name and be managed by the current ECR team led by Ron Passafaro.”

The current management structure and manufacturing facilities in Dunkirk and Utica, N.Y. will also remain the same. Products will continue to be sold under the ECR family of brands which customers have known since 1928.  New and innovative products are slated to be added to ECR’s brands and facilities which will be the subject matter of an initial visit by BDR CEO Rob Van Banning and other leaders to the company in January of 2016. ECR distributors and installing contractors will soon have access to a robust product offering with more choices to meet residential and commercial customer’s needs and applications.


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