Jack DiEnna Jr.

There are a myriad of condensing boiler options available on the market today. NTI, or NY Thermal Inc. has been manufacturing boilers since 1968 and condensing boilers since 1997, and is considered by many to be a pioneer in the condensing boiler market. One of the many quality products manufactured by NTI is the Trinity Read more

As a contractor you must realize that Energy has become a defining issue of our time and Climate Change is a concern that we can no longer choose to ignore. Super Storm Sandy has reinforced the growing sense, in political circles, that the reality of Climate Change puts our Nation at risk. The entire face Read more

HVAC and mechanical contractors, in regard to new home construction or renovation projects, in the Calgary area in particular, have been astounded at the prices quoted by builders for the completion of boiler systems, furnace and air conditioning systems and other home mechanical systems. Numerous people, who are either in the midst of building or Read more

So you have received a “no heat call.“ When you arrive at the clients home what steps does one take to find the problem? Believe it or not the vast majority of no heat calls are usually minor in nature, such as a switch turned off or the circuit breaker has blown, perhaps a blocked Read more