ASPE collaborates with Asian organizations

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Chicago —The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) is pleased to announce two new memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with the Japanese Society of Plumbing Engineers (JSPE) and the Architectural Institute of Taiwan (AIT).

ASPE’s association with these two organizations started in 2013, when ASPE hosted the first International Water Saving Workshop in collaboration with the Asian Saving Water Council. Representatives of JSPE and AIT recently attended the 2014 ASPE Convention and Exposition in Chicago to sign the MOUs and participate in a panel discussion on water-efficiency efforts in Japan and Taiwan.

According to the MOUs, ASPE will work with both JSPE and AIT to promote friendship and collaboration for the purpose of scientific and cultural exchange via technical publications, training programs, and joint membership packages.

“Due to the global water crisis, it is imperative for ASPE to reach out to our international partners to discover how other countries are dealing with decreased water supplies in an effort to design more water-efficient plumbing systems to conserve our precious natural resources,” says William Smith, FASPE, ASPE’s Senior Director of Technical and Regulatory Affairs. “These MOUs are just one step in our program to promote international collaboration among the designers and engineers of plumbing systems.”

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