ASPE and NSPE Partner

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Chicago — The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enhance acceptance of the engineering profession in the United States and internationally by promoting professional licensure and ethics and exchanging information on matters that affect the plumbing and mechanical industries.

Long-time ASPE and NSPE member David Dexter, PE, CPD, CPI, LEED AP, FASPE, was the key driver in bringing the two organizations together to develop and reach an agreement of collaboration. “This memorandum of understanding signals a new level of cooperation and anticipated mutual growth between two leading organizations in today’s world of engineering: NSPE and ASPE,” he says. David is the Chair of ASPE’s Main Design Standards Committee and has been a board member of the Central Ohio Chapter. He also was the NSPE Central Region Director for 2011–2013 and is a member of NSPE’s Strategic Partnership Task Force.

The MOU combines the expertise of the only international organization dedicated to advancing the science of plumbing engineering with the recognized voice and advocate of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs). ASPE and NSPE recognize that plumbing engineers/designers and Professional Engineers have a shared interest in safeguarding public health and safety, and this partnership will enable the two organizations to work cooperatively toward this objective.

NSPE Executive Director Mark J. Golden, CAE, FASAE, welcomes ASPE as a strategic partner with NSPE. “This MOU will benefit both organizations because together we will realize goals and objectives that each would not be able to accomplish on their own,” he says.

A primary goal of the MOU is to promote the need for professional engineering licensure and certification programs, and the combined strengths of the two organizations can bring awareness to the need for continuing professional education through such programs. ASPE and NSPE also plan to work together to build support for a Professional Engineer licensing sub-discipline examination focused on plumbing engineering and design.

The MOU also focuses on promoting the image of professional engineering and its ethical responsibilities to the public. ASPE and NSPE will achieve this goal by creating educational seminars on the ethical application of professional engineering skills, developing new technical publications and industry standards, and supporting educational and training opportunities for engineers.

“Professional licensing and certification programs and their accompanying continuing education requirements are critical in today’s fast-paced world of evolving technologies and engineering methods,” says ASPE Executive Director/CEO Jim Kendzel, MPH, CAE. “ASPE has always been a strong supporter of professional development for plumbing engineers, and with this partnership with NSPE we now can expand our educational offerings to the broader engineering community.”

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