Annual Student Burner Competition – Alfred E. Smith High School, Bronx, NY

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This is an annual event sponsored by the New York City and Westchester Chapters of OESP, National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals. They have been doing this event for many years. They rotate it among a couple of schools in the city.  The beauty of this event is the fact that competitors in business – manufacturers, service companies, wholesalers –  work side-by-side for the success of this day. They all give up a day of work and many hours of preparation – all for the kids.  Right before your eyes, you'll get to meet the technicians of tomorrow! 

Here are the details:

The NYC and Westchester Chapters of OESP are sponsoring our annual Student Burner Competition.
These students and teachers toil all year long. This is their day to shine.

2013 Annual Service and Installation Student Competition
Sponsored by NYC and Westchester Chapters of OESP
Tuesday April 23, 2013
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Taking place at:

Alfred E. Smith High School
333 East 151st. Street
Bronx, NY

The students will begin the day by taking a 25 question written test. After that, they will split up into teams and individuals and take part in the following events:

1. Oil Burner Competition which involves taking apart and reassembling Beckett, Carlin and Riello Burners.
2. Parts Identification which involves matching parts in a crate with a list.
3. Trouble shooting a steam boiler.
4. Wiring a second hydronic heating zone.
5. Doing a combustion analysis.
6. Constructing a Pipe Square.
7. Writing up a material parts list for a steam boiler installation diagram.
8. Installing a 2 zone hot water boiler. This will be a working job when completed.

If anyone wishes to contact Alex, he can be reached during business hours at 718-341-3060.

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