Action requested on saving WaterSense

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Dear friends, supporters, and members,

The IAPMO Group seeking signatures on a letter to EPA Administrator Pruitt voicing support for WaterSense.

With the recently unveiled EPA budget memo indicating the Administration’s plan to eliminate the WaterSense program, industry stakeholders have sprung into action. Lobbying Capitol Hill, meeting with Administration officials, creating ad hoc coalitions, and drafting support letters has begun in earnest. This widely supported EPA program, which has saved well over 1 trillion gallons of water, has gained support across sectors, and across party lines, but EPA is looking at WaterSense as a means to reduce overall budget costs and staff.

The IAPMO Group, the High-Performance Buildings Coalition and many others are seeking signatures on the letter that will ultimately be sent to EPA Administrator Pruitt and Congressional leadership.

If your company or organization would like to sign onto this important letter, please respond to this email by Thursday, April 20.

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