Professional service & huge selection are the norm at ACME Tools

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As a plumbing and heating contractor I rely heavily on all of my tools to do my job. Not just any tools, I want quality tools that stand up to the demands of the job without breaking the bank. But, there is nothing I like more than getting a great deal on tools.

I have bought all types of tools from all types of vendors. Box stores, online and auctions. For a handful of years now I have been buying my tools from the pros at Acme Tools. So, when I recently had the chance to meet up with one of the Upper Midwest’s premier retailers of tools and equipment I couldn’t resist.

Luckily, they are in my back yard so for me it was a quick twenty-minute ride to their huge showroom & warehouse in Plymouth, MN.  With ten locations in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, Acme Tools has served the contractor and DIY’er with a wide selection of tools and equipment from all the major manufacturers.

I had the honor to meet up with Store Manager, Scott Peterson to talk about the ACME Tools story, tool buyers, tool brands, new technology and one of the largest first–class showrooms in the nation. Here’s a summary of our conversation:

MH: Tell us a little about ACME Tools and its history as a supplier of quality tools and equipment?

George Kuhlman stands in front of the first ACME Tools location in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota. ACME Tools started in 1948 as a small electric motor repair shop.

George Kuhlman stands in front of the first ACME Tools location in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota. ACME Tools started in 1948 as a small electric motor repair shop.

MH: Give us an idea of who your typical customer is.

Scott: We sell to everyone. From the general contractor, carpenter, plumber and HVAC contractor to woodworking, landscapers and roofers. We offer outside facilities maintenance equipment to hand tools and safety equipment. The majority of our business is with the professional contractor. About 70% of sales come from outside sales and 30% are walk-in.

MH: What are some of the key features and reasons professionals should buy at ACME Tools?

Scott: We stock full lines of tools from all the major manufacturers. If we do not have it in stock we can usually have it delivered in just two or three days. Our outside sales people are passionate and knowledgeable about the needs of the contractor; they’ll personally deliver to your jobsite or shop. We work with our customers to solve problems and keep them operating efficiently. We go out of our way to make sure all of our customers get what they need. We started stocking fire-rated personal protective gear a while back because our clients were asking for it. This was just one of many product lines we’ve added over the years to make things more convenient for our customers.

MH: What are some of the brands you offer?

Scott: Milwaukee, Dewalt, Honda Power Equipment, Bosch, Festool, Stihl, Toro, Makita and many more.

MH: What differentiates ACME Tools from a big box store?

Scott: I like to say we’re a tool store, not a tool department. All of our sales staff attends training with manufacturer reps twice a month. We have tool experts on staff, that’s who we are. The tool lines we stock are made for professionals and we stock entire tool lines rather than just one or two from each manufacturer. Our customers can buy the right tool from us the first time knowing it is of the highest quality and own it for many years. If they need service on that tool down the road, we can provide that as well.

The ACME Tools  Duluth, Minnesota location is one of the newer stores.

The ACME Tools Duluth, Minnesota location.

MH: For those that want great prices and selection by shopping online, ACME Tools is now integrating its quality and customer service at, what can customers expect online?

Scott: The website offers over 25,000 products by over 300 well-known and trusted brands. We offer extensive product specification data on every product to provide customers everything they need to make an informed purchase. We’ve committed to providing our customers a seamless shopping experience regardless of the device. Whether you shop with a personal computer or on your phone we are committed to providing you a positive user experience.

MH: What kind of specials and deals can customers find online?

Scott: Throughout the year we offer several promotions and deals, sometime they are vendor specific and other times they are site-wide. In addition to those specials, we offer free shipping on orders over $199 and a flat rate shipping of $6.49 for anything under $199 every day.  We also offer a price match guarantee and pride ourselves on service, selection and value. When you shop online you can expect the same great quality and customer service you would receive in store.

MH: For those active in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, do you provide specials and deals for those that follow and share useful information?

Scott: We do offer specials on our social channels to allow our fans and followers to be the first to know of any deals. We also offer tool tips and ideas for those that are interested in learning more about a specific industry.

When you’re looking for your next generator, compressor, power tool or even work wear, check out ACME Tools in person at one of their 10 location or online. They offer the highest quality products at competitive prices, backed by superior professional service and support.


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