A. O. Smith’s India plant earns safety honor

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Bangalore, India — The employees of the A. O. Smith water heater plant in Bangalore, India, were recently recognized in a special ceremony as the 2013 recipients of the Lloyd B. Smith President’s Safety Award

The President’s Safety Award is presented to the A. O. Smith facility that demonstrates the most improvement over a one-year period in the area of workplace safety as well as offering a comprehensive, sustainable safety program focused on the goal of accident prevention.  A total of 15 A. O. Smith plants worldwide were evaluated to determine this year’s recipient.

The 300,000 square foot Bangalore plant, which opened in 2010, employs approximately 275 people and manufactures residential water heaters for the Indian market.

A. O. Smith Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ajita G. Rajendra, praised the employees for their efforts in the area of workplace safety.  “In the short time you’ve been in operation, your team has worked hard to implement a strong, sustainable safety program in the plant.”

“With a new plant and growing workforce, it’s a challenge to make certain that everyone understands the importance of safety,” Rajendra continued.  “This team has embraced the challenge.  You have made a point of involving employees in the effort to create a culture of safety in Bangalore.”

To earn the Lloyd B. Smith President’s Safety Award, each company facility is evaluated based on three statistical categories:

Lost workday case incidence rate–This measure relates to the most serious, work-related injuries or illnesses that result in one or more lost work days;
Recordable case incidence rate–Recordable incidents are significant, work-related injuries or illnesses beyond first aid as defined by the U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA);

Lost workday incidence rate—This category measures a facility’s total number of lost work days and provides a measure of accident severity.
The Bangalore plant achieved a perfect record in 2013 with no lost-time accidents or recordable accidents during the year.

The Bangalore team has made a concerted effort to implement a comprehensive workplace safety program, starting when the plant first opened in June 2010.

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