A.O. Smith Master-Fit gas water heater

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ao smith 0416A. O. Smith has introduced a commercial water heater that combines compact, easy-to-install size with low nitrous oxide emission technology. The Master-Fit ultra-low NOx gas water heater, for sale only in California markets, is the shortest commercial water heater in its class. The easy-to-install Master-Fit series 200 includes two models: the 81-gallon BTL-198 at 65-inches tall and the 100-gallon BTL-199 at 73 inches tall. The series features ultra-low NOx assembly to keep business owners from worrying about emissions rules and multiple components designed to keep costs low.

“With the shortest design on the market, multiple water connections and ultra-low NOx construction, the Master-Fit gas water heater was developed to deliver top-performance in demanding commercial gas applications while focusing on simple installation, especially where height is restricted,” said David Chisolm, vice president of marketing. “Innovative engineering also increased the accuracy and dependability of the control system, reduced excess heat from the burner, and improved the unit’s overall reliability and longevity.”


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