7 Reasons It’s Cool to be a Contractor

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allie hard hatContracting includes working in the trades; Trades include: plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, construction). Most of the time, we get a bad rap as not being a glamorous or trendy occupation. However, here are 7 reasons that working in contracting is way cool!

  1. We’re Famous! John Gotti owned a plumbing supply company. Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins worked as plumbers before becoming internationally acclaimed actors. Mario and Luigi, of Nintendo fame, worked as plumbers before their quest for Princess Peach.
  2. We Get Dirty. It’s not uncommon to come home after a hard day’s work covered in dirt (and sometimes more). Digging tunnels, demolition, working with tools and large pieces of drive-able equipment are some of the cool things we get to do on the job.  Safely, of course.
  3. We’ve Been Around a LONG time.  Contractors weren’t born yesterday. Plumbing has been found in the ancient Egyptian pyramids and ancient Babylonians created ducts to draw cool air down from the mountains and into their homes.
  4. We Don’t Wear Ties. For the most part. Technicians rock steel toed boots and denim on the daily! The industry, in general, sports casual gear and focuses on safety and comfort.
  5. It Feels Good to Help People. Sometimes, we get to be the hero. A broken water line in your yard, no air conditioning on a sweltering day, replacing dangerous flooring, the contractor has a daily opportunity and responsibility to ensure the safety of the public.
  6. The World is Our Office. We may be in a two bedroom house in the morning, a water park in the afternoon and a grocery store in the evening. The trades are an integral part of your daily life and when those amenities don’t work properly, “who you gonna call?”
  7. We Can Work Anywhere in the World. Job security in any economy is cool. Knowing that your skilled trade can be used anywhere in the world, opens up an individual’s opportunities and possibilities.

Allie Perez is director of operations, Mr. Plumber / Mr. AC, San Antonio (http://www.mrplumbersa.com). Her interesting viewpoints on the trades can be found on her blog at http://www.mrplumbersa.com/blog

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