60-Day Countdown for Sioux Chief ‘No Lead’

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Kansas City, Mo. — The “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” or Federal Public Law 111-380, eliminates the sale or installation of potable water plumbing fixtures with a wetted surface area containing more than a weighted average of .25% lead – beginning January 4, 2014.

Rough plumbing manufacturer, Sioux Chief, announced its transition to the No Lead manufacture of potable water products (drinking water pipes, pipe fittings, and plumbing fixtures). Sioux Chief is committed to compliance with the coming legislative change so customers are completely prepared.

“In sixty days, products that do not meet the lead-free requirement by this date will be non-compliant, obsolete and may not be grandfathered for continued use,” said Rex Baer, Vice-president of product development at Sioux Chief.

The law requires pipes, pipe fittings, and plumbing fittings or fixtures, anticipated to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking, to meet the new “lead-free” definition. Additionally, any other end-use devices anticipated to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking must meet the new lead-free requirement.

Examples of items covered by the new law include kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets and drinking water fountains. In compliance with the law, these products will not be grandfathered for continued use and inventory will no longer be salable.

“Sioux Chief will fully transition to compliant product before January 4, 2014 and currently maintains a growing list of No Lead compliant products in an online spreadsheet that allows industry professionals to cross-reference old product numbers to new product numbers as well as see what is in stock or obsolete,” said Baer.

The transition continues with completion estimated to be in Fall of 2013. Updates will be posted consistently.

Sioux Chief products have markings that are roll-stamped, etched or molded into the part to signify that the part complies with lead free legislation and all applicable code. The marking for labels and packaging is the black box with ‘No Lead’ in white.

“Sioux Chief is 100% committed to the No Lead transition,” Baer said. “All Sioux Chief F1807 PEX, F2159, F1960 and F2080 PEX are offered under the PowerPEX brand; CPVC, PVC and Sweat copper are fully compliant No Lead fittings and assemblies.”

Sioux Chief’s copper fittings have always been a compliant solution for No Lead plumbing installations. Copper is naturally dezincification resistant (no zinc), naturally a No Lead material and naturally stress corrosion cracking resistant.

Sioux Chief’s No Lead brass inventory is currently available in various alloys including No Lead compliant and dezincification resistant C69300 material.

Pre-formed copper items that currently contain leaded brass, are compliant per the federal mandate of a wetted surface area containing a weighted average less than .25% lead.

Sioux Chief products are sold through wholesale plumbing distributors nationwide.

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