5 Things you won't catch me doing on Facebook

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I see it all the time, you probably do too. What I see are business professionals making mistakes for the world to see on Facebook.  Do they know they’re doing it? For someone new to Facebook, these mistakes may seem harmless, so I’m here to explain exactly why you should never be making these mistakes yourself.

1.  Using a “Profile” for Your Business “Page”

Profiles are set-up and used by people, Pages are set-up and used for businesses.  Page layouts are different than profile layouts and have many features built-in to them that offer businesses valuable information about their social media marketing.  Businesses do not need to “accept” friend requests; they can be “liked” by anyone who chooses to do so.  Business pages offer analytics showing what type of audience, age groups and locations are looking at or responding to your online content.  You can’t and won’t find this feedback coming from a personal profile, so don’t bother.

2. Content; Keep it Relevant to Your Product/Brand

Unless you’re selling campaign advice, keep your business page free of your opinions.  This holds true about any mishaps or ill-dealings you may have had on a job site or with another contractor.  I have seen it many times and I have quickly responded directly to those I have “Liked” offering my opinion on this subject. 

Consider this scenario:

So & So Plumbing & Heating Pros: I just hate working for X#&!  He’s has no idea how to run a project! What an asshole!

-Or This-

Jimmy-Sue Redneck Services: Vote for my guy or there’s going to be hell to pay! The current bum is nothing but a gun hating, money spending communist!……(Probably with some campaign picture posted here.)

Don’t do this, ever.  Not only do you look like the “asshole” that no one else wants to work with; your customers likely don’t align themselves politically with your beliefs.  You want to see how fast you can lose a potential sale or referral?  Start posting stuff like the examples above and your head will be spinning leaving you left to wonder why the phone doesn’t ring again.

3. Not Updating Your Business Page

Your Facebook page should be a living, breathing element of your marketing plan; a place where you can share product offerings or ideas with your customers.  If you keep the information interesting and intelligent, your users are more likely to engage in your page, and their doing so will be seen by their friends and networks they have contact with; expanding your reach exponentially.  You have the potential to go “viral” with your information and this is what makes Facebook such an incredible tool for business.

4. Turning Off Comments or Wall Posts for Your Business Page

As noted above, if your postings are not interesting or relevant, there will be little to no interaction on your page.  This directly translates into less potential clients seeing or hearing of you.  The same situation results from turning off the ability of your followers to comment or post on your business page.  Turning off comments or posts is like saying to your customers “I don’t want to hear what you have to say” or “Your comment is not important to me”.  If you’re doing this because you might be scared of what they might say then consider this: They’ll say it anyway, especially if its negative.  At least here on your business page they’ll be doing it on your own turf where you have a chance to respond.  Oh, and if you’re likely to go “off the handle” in a response, take a deep breath and remember that you’re a professional before you respond.

5. Your Business is Not on Facebook.

Finally, if you’re not on Facebook with your business then you’re missing out on whole generations of potential clients.  What are you waiting for?! Facebook is populated by over 1 Billion users, 600 million of them are mobile.  With numbers like that it goes without saying that there are oodles of potential buyers/customers/clients/leads.  Unless your audience is my grandfather, your audience is on Facebook.  Period.  Some of the fastest growing demographics are those users in the “55 & Over” category with the majority of users older than college age. 

So, whether you think Facebook doesn’t have anything to offer your business, you’re wrong.  If you think it’s just a fad, who cares? [It’s wildly popular right now and you’re missing a HUGE opportunity if you’re not there].

If you’re seeing other mistakes (and you likely are) let me know.  The list could definitely be added to but I thought a Top 5 was a good starting point.  I welcome your comments below.

Eric Aune, Mechanical-Hub & Aune Plumbing, LLC

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