16-INCH V-HEAD SUPERJACK from Rothenberger

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ROTHENBERGER USA has added to its family of SUPERJACK pipe stand products with its new 16-inch V-Head design stand which includes gussets for increased strength and durability. The new 16-inch V-Head is capable of providing heavy-duty cutting, threading and fabrication support for up to 3,500 pounds of full lengths of pipe from 1/2 inch to 16 inch in diameter.

The SUPERJACK pipe stand family of products comes in an 8-inch or 16-inch diameter, straight or folded version. The 8-inch stand comes with a V-Head or Ball-Transfer Head. The 16-inch stand is also available in a heavy-duty vertical Roller Head style.

For ease of transport on the jobsite, each version of the SUPERJACK pipe stand comes in a folding version with a carrying handle.

For more information call Customer Care at 1-800-545-7698 or email CustomerService@RothenbergerUSA.com

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