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Viega Radiant Control Products

Viega 3 Thermostats Radiantcontrols

Viega Radiant Control Products

Viega_3_Thermostats_radiantcontrolsViega introduces new products for hydronic and HVAC applications that allow for easy installation and system integration.

The new control products include:
• 0-10V DC Powerhead which provides short response times and self-calibrates every 24 hours. The powerhead features a plug-in connection cable and 360-degree installation position. The compact design, noiseless function, low power consumption and maintenance-free performance are additional benefits.
• 0-10V DC Actuator provides short response times, which results in improved control response for radiant systems.
• Zone Valve that features easy installation with Viega ProPress and PEX Press adapters supplied. The zone valve’s thermal electric motor allows for easy wiring in two- and four-wire applications.
• Thermostat with intuitive, menu-driving programming and icons for easy use. The thermostat integrates well with a variety of HVAC equipment and mounts to drywall or junction box with easy color-coded wire connections.


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