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Tri City Jewish Center: Rock Island, Illinois


Tri City Jewish Center: Rock Island, Illinois

57The Tri City Jewish Center had a very old boiler that The Waldinger Corporation, Des Moines, Iowa, repaired enough to get them through the winter of 2013. They also had underground heating water pipes feeding radiators that started leaking at the same time. To top it off, they had very old pneumatic controls that needed repair and time clocks that needed replaced. In March of 2013, the piping was leaking so badly that the Waldinger contractors had to turn off the boiler and abandon the heating system. Sure enough, the cold weather lasted all the way into May so Waldinger provided electric heaters to keep the building comfortable. In June, The Waldinger Corporation was able to start piping, boiler and controls replacement.

The Waldinger Corporation completed all of the piping and the boiler replacement by the end of the summer and compressed the switchover time to just 10 days; warm weather lasted into October and the cold weather came early. The Waldinger Corporation spent November and December commissioning the controls, completing the cleanup and architectural items. The customer was thrilled with their new overhead heat. The Waldinger Corporation’s last item was to make sure that the chiller started up properly this spring and once again, the weather didn’t cooperate so Waldinger switched back and forth from warm to cool a few times at the end of April to finish a successful one-year transition of the facility.

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